22 Weeks Season 3, Episode 1: Fear and Loathing in New England


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The 22 weeks podcast returns with a new home and dropping the hate. This week join Matt Ryan as well as his panel of pigskin prognosticators Matthew Foster, Alex Soberman, and Dr. Marvin Williams.

This week in their first drive. The panel discuss whether or not Wes Welker is a Hunter S. Thompson Cos-player. The implications of the Josh Gordon and Jim Irsay decisions, as well as Michael Sam’s future in the NFL after signing with the Dallas Cowboys Practice Squad.

Marvin Williams goes in-depth behind what a practice squad player actually means, and what it may mean for Michael Sam.

Matt Ryan also speaks with two huge guests. The first Walter Thurmond from the New York Giants speaking about his new foundation to help the arts. And free agent punter Chris Kluwe joins the show.

Chris and Matt talk about what he has been up to since being cut by Raiders last season.

On social activism affecting his and other “skill position players” “It doesn’t really matter how good you are. Because they can find someone as good they may not be as good as you, but they’ll be close enough. And they won’t come with the added distraction value of speaking out on stuff.”

Would Jerry Jones sign him?

On why he has a high opinion of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“Goodell actually doing an exceptional job at being commissioner.” “…essentially being the bad guy. It’s his job to be the bad guy, so that people don’t remember in actuality that the owners run the league. Goodell doesn’t do anything the owners don’t want him to do.” “Goodell is the shield (for the owners)”

The long term issues facing the NFL, and the Generational disparity between players and coaches, and the controversy surrounding the Redskins name.

All of this plus conversations with Cover 32 writers Eric Kelly, James Arcellana, and Will Petersen to talk Raiders, Browns, and Broncos, and the panel tells you who will win some of the marquee match-ups in “Who you got”.

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