PAUL HORNUNG JOINS THE SHOW: 22 Weeks season 3 episode 4

This week on 22 Weeks Pro Football Hall of famer, Heisman Trophy winner, and Packer legend Paul Hornung is our guest this week! Host, Matt Ryan and Paul talk his great career at Notre Dame and Green Bay, His interactions with Gale Sayers, Jim Brown, Otto Graham, and Muhammad Ali! All of this plus they talk the brand new Paul Hornung scrapbook

Also this week, the panel of pigskin prognosticators talk about the Giants huge blowout victory over the Redskins on Thursday night. As well as the possibility of a team in London in the near future.

This week in our Cover 32 section, Matt Ryan talks the Arizona Cardinals with Andrew Nordmeier, and his outlook on the Cardinals so far this season

Matt Ryan: @ImMattryan
Alex Soberman @Alexsobe123
Matthew Foster @MatthewDfoster
Tom Garrett @Theaxisofego
Marvin Williams @SexytonDancingbear

This week’s intro music by The Upperclass Men

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