The 22 Weeks rolls on as the panel of pigskin prognostication unite to discuss the recent FCC decision regarding the Blackout rule in the NFL. What will be the effects of the new rule? What does this mean for potential new teams or team movement for the NFL?

Also Jerry Izenberg (Newark Star Ledger) joins the show! Jerry sits down with Matt to talk his new book “Rozelle: A Biography.” From where the NFL is now, Rozelle’s influence on sports as a whole, the battles with Al Davis and so much more! Pick up Rozelle: A Biography now from our friends at University of Nebraska press, via our Link.

In our Cover 32 section, James Arcellana returns to the show to discuss the firing of Dennis Allen and what the future may hold for the Oakland Raiders… Which CURRENT NFL Coach does James believe will patrol the sidelines in 2015? He’s closer than you think. Follow James @Raidersreporter or @Cover32_OAK

The panel also attacks who they think will be the coach of the Raiders come 2015, and yet again it’s closer than you’d think and the panel would like… Who would want to play in Newark?

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Tom Garrett @Theaxisofego
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This week’s intro music by Frank Turner: Imperfect Tense

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