Obstructed on the 50 yard line: 22 Weeks season 3: Episode 14 Sponsored by Blue Marble Research

This episode of 22 weeks is presented by Blue Marble Research!

The full panel of pigskin prognostication returns, as week 14 of the NFL season is on the horizon! This week the boys talk about all of their teams being awful and the apathy of a fan base at this point of the season.  Matt asks the question of “who’s fault is it?” and the answers may surprise you, or be exactly what you think?

In our cover 32 section, Managing editor Will Petersen joins the show to discuss the ever-changing playoff picture in the NFL. Who makes it and who won’t is covered in this conversation, as well as who Will thinks will make it to Glendale in Feburary.

All of this including “who you got” and the battle of who could care less!

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Matt Ryan: @ImMattryan
Alex Soberman @Alexsobe123
Matthew Foster @MatthewDfoster
Tom Garrett @Theaxisofego
Marvin Williams @Thesidenotes

This week’s song is The world is in the turlet by Ted Leo

This week’s episode is sponsored by

Blue Marble Research

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