Vince Lombardi in a Piggly Wiggly in Sheboygan

This episode of 22 weeks is presented by Blue Marble Research!

The 22 Weeks podcast returns as the NFL prepares for the LARGE GAME THAT OCCURS IN GLENDALE!  This week the panel discusses deflated balls more intensely than anyone who isn’t a 7th grade gym teacher. Should Belichick get banned from the Super Bowl? Will he keep his job? Should anyone really give a care? We ask these questions plus! The Pro Bowl! Can it be saved? How can it be saved? Are their Kaufmanesque sightings of Vince Lombardi in Supermarkets in Wisconsin? All these questions and more on SOAP! …We mean 22 Weeks!

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Matt Ryan: @ImMattryan
Alex Soberman @Alexsobe123
Matthew Foster @MatthewDfoster
Tom Garrett @Theaxisofego
Marvin Williams @Thesidenotes

This week’s song isRock-N-Roll Victim by Death

This week’s episode is sponsored by
Blue Marble Research

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