Nikolai Khabibulin knows sarcasm: 22 Weeks SEASON FINALE!

This episode of 22 weeks is presented by Blue Marble Research!

The 22 Weeks podcast returns as the BIG GAME AT THE END OF THE SEASON/FOOTBALLPALOOZA/SEAHAWKS PATS is only four days away! The panel of pigskin prognostication unite one more time to discuss not only the game, but the Rams move being applauded by NFL brass (silently), Coaching Changes in the NFL, Brent Grimes’ wife being the NFL version of Mark Hunt, and not only predictions for this Sunday’s game but what will happen in the Offseason!

This week we also have two great guests joining us! First is Harry Terjanian the director of the NFL Network Extreme Coverage (Parody) video that is one of the best satire’s on NFL pregame shows we’ve ever seen. Matt Ryan and Harry talk the video, how long pre-game shows are, Nikolai Khabibulin being a fan of the show, and how awesome Goodfellas is.

Our second guest is the Co-host of No Small Talk, producer and director of KWHY, and hilarious human being Stephanie Sottile! Steph and Matt discuss her appearance in the NFL Network parody, the Super Bowl Pregame shows, and why the Patriots will win on Sunday.

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Matt Ryan: @ImMattryan
Alex Soberman @Alexsobe123
Matthew Foster @MatthewDfoster
Tom Garrett @Theaxisofego
Marvin Williams @Thesidenotes

This week’s song isHolland, 1945
by Neutral Milk Hotel

This week’s episode is sponsored by
Blue Marble Research

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