PALMERISH AKA 22 Weeks visits NFL FILMS! Sponsored by Blue Marble Research: 22 Weeks Seaon 3 Episode 11

This episode of 22 weeks is presented by Blue Marble Research!

This week the panel of pigskin prognostication returns with Matthew Foster wandering the wilderness looking for riverboats and a lot of rope. The panel talks the weirdness of the NFL heading into week 12.

  • Is Andy Dalton awful?
  • Which coach will end up where?
  • A Cool Tom Coughlin story involving -Izzle


Also, Chris Willis of NFL Films joins the show to talk his new book “A Nearly Perfect Season: The Inside Story of the 1984 San Francisco 49ers.” Chris and Matt talk the book, the 84 Niners, where does the 14 Niners go from here, and a whole lot more!

Plus, Matt Ryan and Alex Soberman went to NFL FILMS! Coach TJ Troup and Chris Willis invited the 22 Weeks crew to come visit the facility and get to watch tape. Matt and Alex talk about their experience and how awesome it was!

All of this including “who you got”  and the battle of who could care less!

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This week’s intro song: I’m not a loser by the Descendents off the album Milo Goes to College

This week’s episode is sponsored by
Blue Marble Research 

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